Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Sorry Guys!

I was on vacation all week and chose to take a little vacation from the project as well. Don't worry, there will still be one piece for every week in the year. The pictures used for this piece were taken last week and later this week, I'll post this week's piece.

On to last week's art then! I spent the past week at my parents house in the Outer Banks with my friends Charlie, Chris, Alison, Stef, and Anthony. Like always, it was a blast. We did nothing but lay on the beach, shop, and enjoy refreshing beverages all week. One beverage was so epic that it resulted in a photoshoot.

I'm talking about The Fishbowl. Charlie and Chris discovered it in a magazine and we made it last year too. It didn't turn out right last time. The recipe says to use Nerds candy as the pebbles but the colors bled together and turned the Fishbowl into more of a RiverBucket.

This is last year's monstrosity:

This year we used blue Jelly Belly jellybeans and even blue sour mix and the coloring was perfect. And just because I love you guys, here is the recipe:

5oz Vodka
5oz Malibu Rum
3oz Blue Curacao
6oz Sour Mix
16oz Sprite
16oz Pineapple Juice
1 cup jellybeans
4 Swedish Fish
Sliced Lime

Soooo delicious. This is just one of the dozens of pictures that we took drinking it. There were five of us there that night and we were rotating around taking turns at the camera. We laughed more that night then any other that week.

Here is the finished piece. I want to get away from using people and faces too much in the project so I focused mainly on the drink in this piece. I think its cool seeing only our mouths. The stitchwork isn't terribly impressive but I've got to finish two this week! Though I did make sure to use a new stitch - Satin Couching - on the straws. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Couching


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