Friday, June 4, 2010


On Sunday, I went to the new Croaker's Spot location on Hull St. with Lindsey, Shawna, and the adorable Anthony. The food was freaking amaaaaaazing. Best southern fried seafood I've ever had. And the design of the space was great too. Everything about it was very authentic. New favorite restaurant!

We saw the bartender making limeades to order and got very excited. So we asked for a round of limeades but demanded the addition of vodka. They were called Electric Limeades and were amazing.
This was the stained glass sconce above our table. You guys know from Week 10 that I love stained glass, so I took a picture to incorporate into this week's piece.

So here we are, the first appearance of my boyfriend, Anthony, on A Year In Stitches. He's been demanding his inclusion for weeks. He came very close last week with an adorable picture of him and Aurora, but ultimately Butch Walker won out.

Also, this week has a distinctly southern feel not just because Croaker's Spot is so delicious. On Friday, I was accepted into Savannah College of Art and Design!!! I start this September on my Masters of Fine Arts in Fibers. This is seriously the best news I've gotten in a long time.

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