Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Another late post. Sorry! I find that when I'm not completely in love with a piece, I hold off on posting it until I feel that I have fixed what I don't like about it. I'm still not 100% on this one, but I like it more now. And the subject matter is awesome.

Last week (well, almost two weeks ago now that I've waited so long!), I went to Busch Gardens with Anthony, Brittany, and Christine. Normally we would spend an entire day there, but this time, we just all decided to leave work early and go ride coasters til the park closed. Oh the joy of having the Fun Card. Here is a photo of Brittany, Anthony, and I trying on ridiculous hats at the $10 or less store in "Germany." The first photo we took with Brit's "Retro Camera" application on her Droid completely blacked out Anthony. That camera is racist. Just like the coaster cameras at night that just show a dark spot if you're too black.

And yes, we're drinking Bud Lite Lime. Don't hate. It's the only beer that tastes like Sprite.

The original concept of the embroidery was going to be to embroider the ridiculous hats. I still wish I had done that and maybe I still will when I go back and do more work on each piece at the end of the project. However, due to time constraints, I embroidered what was originally going to just be a drawn background. Hi-C Orange Lava Burst. When we left Bushy G's (as we affectionately call it), we stopped at McDonald's and got a ridiculous amount of food and four huge cups of Orange Drank. It was delicious and Brittany even had me go back inside to get her a refill. After sending about 87 Hi-C tweets to Twitter, it's become an official obsession and everyone knows it now.
"Bushy G's"

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  1. I love this one!

    (P.S. My dad is black, and every time we take family pictures, the flash is either too dark, and my dad looks like a dark blob, or the flash is bright enough to see us all, which makes me look like an albino in the picture.)