Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I've made it through another week! As promised, I'm going to explain the story behind the ridiculous picture from Monday's post.

My roommate, Nicole, and I like to do karaoke. A lot. (In fact, our friend, Lindsey Oliver, has already requested that a karaoke embroidery be included in this project) Last Wednesday, as we made our plans for a "Say My Name" duet, the roomie and I decided to make haste to Ukrops where we could turn all of our spare change into drinking money (at a store that has never sold alcohol) with their magical Coinstar machine. We couldn't resist taking a picture of me with the money bags in front of the machine to tweet to all of our Twitter followers.

And then, of course, we had to document the subsequent wads of cash. I believe I had $29 and Nicole had $17. And believe me, we drank like royalty with Babe's' $2 PBR drafts and Miller Light bottles.

Here is the finished piece. Nicole and I rollin' in dough because we are totally ballin'. Again, the medium is Graphite and PrismaColor Markers on muslin with cotton embroidery. This time with the addition of sequins! The stitches used are just a simple backstitch and a chain stitch. This is the first time I've used sequins (Shocking, I know!) and I had a lot of fun with them. Definitely expect them to appear again in the future.
(Dimensions: 8"x10")

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