Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Week 3 is done! This piece was inspired by a random crazy night with my friends Jay, Matt, Steph, Angie and Stone last Friday. Matt just moved to Richmond from Fredericksburg and we all went to his new house to hang out and see the new digs. His roommate Angie is working for a gay underwear company called Nuwear and needed guys to try on underwear and shirts to fix the fit on them. I, of course, was down to try on everything. Jay would only try on the mesh tshirt. This is us looking sexy in our shirts.

Throughout the night, we were all drinking a bottle of 36 year old Canadian Club whiskey that belonged to Matt's late father. It was glorious and delicious. However, we had a pitcher of Kool-Aid for those who wanted to have chasers for shots. After a few glasses I decided to mix the whiskey and Kool-Aid - a horrible thing, i know. you don't do that to aged whiskey! - and it was surprisingly delicious. The rubber ducky in the pic was featured on the swimsuit that I tried on and ended up wearing for most of the night. I won't subject you to a picture of me in it but here is a slightly NSFW link to the site
I can't wait to wear them to the beach this summer!

"Welcome to Northside"
Graphite, Prismacolor marker, and cotton embroidery on muslin

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