Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Last Thursday, my main partner in glam-rock, Stacemeister, and I made a roadtrip to see our favorite rockstar, Butch Walker. (Check him out at There you'll find links to his twitter, myspace, etc) After a crazy drive, complete with a flask of vodka mixed with Panera lemonade, a 45 minute traffic jam because of a pothole, an eventful search for a bathroom, and having my grandmother guide us to the Norva by telephone, we finally made it to the show in one piece. We were, as always, first in line. (We're rockstars, we don't settle for anything less) While a small line formed behind us, we ran into no other than Butch Walker himself who came over and chatted with us about his new haircut and the tour while everyone was giving us death glares for knowing him. After this, we were informed of Kelly's backstage bar and restaurant where we could pick up our tickets early and have a few drinks. The perk to this is that they let bar patrons into shows 15 minutes early. We jumped right on that opportunity and managed to get in their line behind about 8 other people who were all there to see the headliner, Train. (Butch was just the opener. But we're seeing him headline in MD in May!) When the doors opened and we rushed to the front of the stage, we missed out on front row center. =( But luckily, we had made friends with the 12 year old girls in front of us and convinced them to trade us spots so that we could rock out properly to Butch and then relinquish our places for them to see Train. While waiting for the show to start, we taught them the rules of concert etiquette because it was one of their first ever shows. By the end of our time together, I'm confident that they learned how to properly throw elbows and snag setlists. (They both got pulled up on stage to sing with Train. I felt like a proud parent)

Needless to say, Butch Walker was amazing. All of the middle aged moms around us were blown away. No one ever expects that good of a show from an opening act. Here are my favorite pictures followed by this week's artwork:

Best freaking spot in the house, amiright?

This is Stace and me muggin right before they opened the doors. This was in a weird backstage hallway where Kid Rock had signed the wall.

And here is the artwork that you all came to see. (Do any of you really care about the story when it doesn't include you?) Sorry for the awful photo, I lost my camera charger but a new one is in the mail. The embroidery is hard to see but I've stitched the birdcage logo from the Butch Walker and the Black Widows' new cd, "I Liked You Better When You Had No Heart" (buy it!)
Also, I added some fun star sequins. It looks like I may have slacked on the embroidery this week but you just don't understand until you've tried stitching with Lurex metallic thread. It sucks.
"Backstage Pass"
Graphite and Prismacolor Marker on muslin
with cotton and Lurex embroidery and sequins

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