Wednesday, March 10, 2010


On Sunday, I still had no solid inspiration for this week's piece. I was having a bad day and decided to hang out with my friends Matt and Claire to cheer me up. As always, they delivered on the cheer. I was looking through Claire's recent grocery purchases when I found a huge jar of minced garlic. I thought it was ridiculous, she thought it was necessary. (Bitch loves her some garlic.) After teasing her, she (or maybe it was Matt) asked how much she would have to pay me if I ate 5 spoonfuls of the garlic. I told her no amount could make me do it. I love garlic, but that just seemed a little intense. Then her husband Danny broke out a $100 bill and laid it on the table. It's a lot different when you know there's real money involved. I decided to do it. I took the first spoonful, put it in my mouth, and almost immediately spit it out. No way in hell was I about to eat the rest of that garlic.

This is when Matt saw his chance for glory. He asked if the offer was still good if he tried. Indeed it was, so try he did. And it was glorious. That crazy bastard ate five whole spoonfuls of minced garlic with hardly any problem. Sure, everything he ate for a day and a half tasted like garlic, but he made out with $100.

Here is Matt before the last bite:

And here's the final piece. Graphite and Prismacolor markers on muslin with cotton and Lurex embroidery. 8"x10"

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  1. love it.

    way to get that facial expression down. ha.