Thursday, April 8, 2010


This week's piece is inspired by the love of my life, Aurora LaFawnduh Lansbury. I took Aurora out to sit on the porch and enjoy the amazing weather on Easter morning and discovered that a huge field of dandelions had erupted in my front yard overnight. It's really kinda cool looking. Trashy. But cool. I really need to mow. (Still hasn't been done BTW)

Aurora started chasing butterflies and I whipped out my camera. Couldn't get any butterfly shots but I got her to sit still just long enough to get this shot. It made for a cute makeshift Easter card text to my mother and to Facebook and Twitter.

I'm starting to love embroidering natural elements with no set pattern planned out. Nicole's hair, the tree, and now the flowers. It's cool not to be following lines that I've already drawn. Also, i'm having fun mixing different colored strands of thread to make subtle color variations in the stitches.

"Easter Morning"
Graphite and Prismacolor Marker on muslin with cotton embroidery
8" x 10"

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