Thursday, April 29, 2010


This week's post and piece are both going to be pretty simple. I'm preparing for an art show on May 7th and most of my energy is being focused into that. I'll be showing my embroidery at Strange Matter (929 W Grace St in Richmond) as part of their DIY FEST next weekend. I'll also be teaching an embroidery workshop on May 8th from 11am-12pm. Visit their website to sign up!!

So, on to this week's art. On Tuesday I took my dog, the famous Aurora, on a walk with my friend, Victoria and her boyfriend and their dog. (I don't know how they spell her name so I'm not going to even try unless they correct me) We went all over Carytown and the Museum District where we live. On our journey we came across an adorable beat up old deer statue that had been dressed in a little girls' bathing suit. It was so funny that I had to take a picture. Later, I found out that it used to belong to my friend, Lindsey Oliver, who has been dying to be included in my blog. At least she gets a mention this week!
And then we came upon these really pretty flowers. There was another bunch of them in a pot at another house that were so perfect looking, we were convinced they were fake. But after we came across this bush, we doubled back to check the other ones. They turned out to be real as well, but my camera was too dead for a picture. Anyone know what kind of flowers these are?
So this week's artwork consists of images from this fun walk. It was so good to see Victoria and catch up. We lived together for a whole year and now we just don't get to see each other enough. Hopefully this becomes a regular thing!

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